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Looking for a motorcycle in Pakistan?

Young generation in Pakistan has always been crazy for motorcycles. In early 90’s Kawasaki GTO125 was the most popular bike in Pakistan. It’s beautiful design, powerful engine and front disk brake were the main attractions. Later on, Kawasaki wrapped up its manufacturing in Pakistan. Honda has been the highest selling motorcycle brand in Pakistan. No doubt, Honda offers a variety of bikes for its customers. After the closure of CNG in Punjab, a number of men are facing problems in running cars as the fuel prices are much higher than CNG. Some of them are going to get motorcycles. Now more than 50 Japanese, local and Chinese brands are available in market. hence it is easy to buy a motorcycle within your budget.

I am recommending some motorbikes for the people who want to get a quality vehicle. In my humble opinion, one should go for Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha instead of purchasing any other brand. These companies have a number of authorised dealers and the spare parts of these auto mobiles are widely available in the country.

Before you plan to purchase a bike, just see your needs and affordability power. Also check the fuel consumption and then finalise your bike.

70 cc: Go for Honda CD70. It is the best bike in this capacity. Honda has recently introduced a beautiful 70 cc bike titled DREAM with some modifications to Honda CD70. Just by spending an extra Rs. 3,500, you can opt for Dream.



100 cc: If you want to buy a big-sized motorcycle, Honda Pridor is the rightist choice. It is the most beautifully designed Honda Bike in town. It has a solid heavy body and looks elegant in its style. It’s handle lock has been included in ignition switch on top of the bike. Just turn key more and lock your bike.



125 cc: Do you need a wonderful sporty bike? Just go for Ravi Piaggio 125. It is a far better option than Honda CG125. It comes with all features of Honda Deluxe (amounting much higher) in a competitive price. It has self start, 5-speed engine and disk brake (front) with a beautifully crafted bodyline.




150 cc: Suzuki has introduced GS150 bike. It is another masterpiece that attracts you for its beautiful design and marvellous features. Feel the pleasure of riding 150 cc bike.Image


Note: Always wear helmet while riding. Keep on left side of the road. Do not play tricks on bike as a number of guys lose their lives in this way.


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